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The Sacrament of Baptism is the first Sacrament of Initiation. It involves ritual washing with water. Water is commonly known as a symbol of life and cleansing – that’s what it means in Baptism too. Water is poured over a person’s head (or the person can be immersed in water). This action is a symbol of washing away Original Sin, rising to new life in Christ and marks the beginning of a person’s participation in the mission of the Church.

While many people are baptised as young children, adult baptisms regularly take place across Brisbane archdiocese. If you are interested in baptising your child or being baptised yourself and you are part of the All Saints Community - or live in the parish boundaries, you are welcome here!  

Baptisms of children take place at All Saints Parish on the first and third weekends of the month, either on Saturday at the 5pm Mass, or Sunday at the 9am Mass.

Documentation required includes:

1. Baptism Enrolment Form to be completed and signed by both parents. 

2. Copy of Baptism Certificate of Catholic parent/s.

3. Copy of Baptism Certificates of Godparents (At least one Godparent must be baptised Catholic and all Godparents must be baptised Christian.)

4. Copy of Child's Birth Certificate.

Our preparation for Baptism entails a visit to the parish for a chat with our sacramental team.  We usually do these on a Wednesday morning at 11am.  It's perfectly fine for just one parent to attend, and bring your little one/s along if that works best for you!

If you are looking for Baptism for yourself, or for a child seven years or older, please refer to the Becoming Catholic page.

All Saints Parish, Albany Creek

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Monday to Friday: 8am to 1pm

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