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About Us

Welcome to All Saints Catholic Parish!

We are so glad that you are interested to learn more about All Saints Parish.  You are very welcome here!

Our parish is located on the northside of Brisbane at Albany Creek, which is about 30 minutes north of Brisbane City.

We became a Parish in our own right on 4 January, 1986. Since that time we have built a Church, Primary School and Parish Centre.

In our parish we have something for every one and every age group.

It is our dream to make All Saints a more vibrant, meaningful and inclusive Parish.


Our Vision

Centred on Jesus and guided by the Holy Spirit, All Saints is a vibrant, inclusive and welcoming community of missionary disciples, embracing shared leadership as we serve God and others.

All Saints 4 Pillars

Mission Leadership Team

The Mission Leadership Team (MLT) at All Saints seeks to enrich the quality of parish life and to ensure that parishioners have available all they need to grow in holiness, and to discover and live out their personal and community call to mission and discipleship.

This involves listening and studying the life and activity of the parish by researching and identifying needs, ideas, hopes and suggestions of parishioners.  The MLT evaluates parish life and mission in the light of Christ's teaching, broader church initiatives, and the values and goals of the parish.

Pastoral programs can then be developed, implemented, reviewed and improved.


Parish Finance Council

All Saints Parish Finance Council assists Fr Joson in his responsibilities for financial and administrative matters of the parish.

The Church's Canon Law requires that there be a Finance Council in every parish, and that the Parish Priest obtains its consent for acts of extraordinary administration.  However, normally the role of the Finance Council is to provide advice to the Parish Priest.

Archdiocesan Regulations require that members are honest, known for for their integrity, actively committed to the practice of their faith, possess a sound grasp of business affairs, and are of proven ability.

Parish Finance Team for Website

Got questions or feedback?

Contact us today and we'll be happy to help! Click here to visit our contact page.

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