“Social Justice and Earthcare Working Group

The Parish Council has agreed that a group be established to explore further action in both these areas.

Catholic social justice issues are outlined at https://socialjustice.catholic.org.au/ . The Catholic Earthcare website is https://catholicearthcare.org.au/.

An expanded Social Justice focus links well with the recent Parish Council decision to become a more missionary church.

A meeting of those interested in this group is to be held via ZOOM on Thursday 3 September at 7 30 pm. All are welcome to participate, on a no-obligation basis.

Projects this group could undertake include:

· Writing to retailers and ask them for a copy of their Modern Slavery Report. Each company in Australia with a turnover of more than $100M is required to report annually on action taken to ensure their supply chains do not exploit workers, see https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/criminal-justice/files/modern-slavery-reporting-entities.pdf

· Get involved with the Transparency International Australian Branch. See https://www.transparency.org/en/

· A number of companies eg Nestle have decided to stop using Fairtrade products. Fairtrade often involves a small premium price to third world farmers. We could research this more and write to relevant companies about ethically sourced raw materials. See https://www.fairtrade.org.uk/Media-Centre/News/June-2020/Fairtrade-producers-raise-their-voices-to-ask-Nestle-to-keep-KitKats-Fairtrade

· Write to the Federal Government about Beneficial Ownership legislation, to stop anonymous ownership of companies to limit corruption, crime, etc.

· Gather information on domestic energy efficiency for adding to the Parish website. Improving energy efficiency saves money and improves the environment. Home energy efficiency guides are at https://www.yourhome.gov.au/energy. We could consider a workshop, if we ever get coronavirus free……

This project is being coordinated by John Hine, who can be contacted on jjhine09@gmail.com or 0432 027 744.”



By John Hine, jjhine09@gmail.com. Tel 0432 027744 3264 4568.


I have a proposal that the Parish Council endorses the formation of a working party to explore the creation of a Social Justice and Earthcare Group within the Parish. I would be happy to be part of this Working Party. Several Parishes in the Brisbane Archdiocese have Earthcare groups.

This working party could report back to the Parish Council within six months with recommendations on:

· If such a group is supported by the Parish community.

· If one or two groups are needed.

· Some pilot projects for the group(s) to undertake.

Volunteers would be able to be sought for this working party, via the Parish newsletter, Parish website, Facebook page and personal contact. Initial meetings would need to be electronic until meetings are allowed under COVID rules.


The Parish Vision Statement: “Centred on Jesus and guided by the Holy Spirit, All Saints is a vibrant, inclusive and welcoming community, embracing shared leadership as we serve God and others”, requires an active program to implement this.

The Parish has an active St Vincent de Paul group. I understand that the All Saints Vinnies group works mainly with individuals. The capacity of the Vinnies group is limited mainly by the number of volunteers. The people on the social justice/earthcare group would liaise with the Vinnies group.

An All Saints social justice group could work mainly on national issues, such as implementation of the Australian Government modern slavery legislation and supporting groups such as Transparency International, which combats corruption, see https://www.transparency.org/en/.

The Papal Encyclical Laudato Si, linking environmental and social issues, was released five years ago and Pope Francis has used this anniversary to encourage people to take a shared responsibility of caring for the earth. Environmental issues include climate change and air, land and water pollution.

The Australian Catholic Church’s Earthcare office (https://catholicearthcare.org.au/), responsible for promoting implementation of this encyclical, is co-located within the CARITAS office in Sydney, partly for reasons of economy but also to promote synergy.

Environmental issues are now mainstream, with the Business Council of Australia having released an eleven page scoping paper on a 2020 Energy and Climate Change Project in January 2020. The international consulting group McKinsey’s released a 52 page strategy in April 2020 for addressing climate change in agriculture which has 25 areas for action. Most areas for climate change and environmental improvement are new business opportunities or allow improved productivity.

Earthcare projects could be national and include business lobbying and local, individual and parish level initiatives, eg workshops and information on individual and group action. Solar panels for All Saints buildings are a possible project. I have had discussions with people from the Earthcare group at the Stafford Parish.


Mission Minstry Team

As Christians we are called to Mission. The Mission Ministry Team meets on the third Tuesday of each month to discuss outreach opportunities. They oversee the placement of parish volunteers in the broader community with selected outreach centres that have been assessed to meet specific parish criteria.


Click here to download further information (ie Mission Statement, Criteria and Formation).

They are responsible for the investigation and possible introduction of a Sister Parish (Partnering Program) with a parish in East Timor.

Opportunities for parishioners who are unable to contribute physically, but who still wish to be involved in mission, are provided by this team.

Prayer is an important part of any mission work and the Mission Ministry Team thanks you for yours.


Click here to download out latest newsletters or updates on the Sister Parish.

Religious Education in State Schools    

Queensland Law permits all Religious denominations to teach Religious Education in State Schools. Of the 3 State Primary Schools in the area, our Parish provides 20 teachers at Albany Hills State Primary School. R.E. taught at the School is Christianity, crossing all denominational boundaries. Teachers’ ages range from the 30’s to Grandparents. Work and commitments claim some volunteers each year, so this ministry is constantly in need of new Teachers.

 • Full training given to each volunteer

• Teaching manuals provided

• Ongoing support given

• No teaching experience necessary.

 Time expenditure for each volunteer is one or two 1/2hr lessons per week, plus a couple of hours preparation. This varies according to the content of the Lesson and the enthusiasm of the volunteer. If you feel drawn to this ministry, we’d love to hear from you. “Come and see”

St Vincent de Paul Society

More Than a Hand Out, a Hand Up

All Saints Conference is part of a worldwide community, established in Paris in 1833, who put their Christian faith into action by helping people in need personally, materially and socially. Attending to these we attend to their spiritual needs.

The members share their time and talent, striving to develop their own faith through prayer, spiritual reading and discussion, providing an opportunity to review what has been done and what needs to be done. Reporting on and discussing visits, which are always done in pairs, and other activities at fortnightly meetings in the Parish Centre helps us to find better ways of responding. It enables us to do together what we could never do alone, coming together in mutual support and encouragement.

At the heart of all we do is the sharing of ourselves, person to person, and the sharing of what we have – food, clothing, shelter, furniture, skills, advice etc. We aim to help people back onto their feet, so they can decide the direction of their lives.

We are committed to including the Parish Community in our activities through fund raising, supplying Christmas hampers to local families and providing donation bins in the Parish Centre for unwanted clothing and goods to go to our local Vinnies Shops at Eatons Hill and Lawnton.

to be a part of any of these stewardship ministries please click here