As Confirmation is deeply connected with Baptism, it is highly appropriate for a childís Godparent to be the sponsor.  The sponsor needs to be Catholic and  able to pray the Creed and Renewal of Baptismal Promises with conviction.


The sponsorís name is entered into the Parish Confirmation Register. 


Confirmation Name


The Rite of Confirmation makes no mention of the Confirmation name however there is increasing support for the view that it is best to keep our Baptismal name.  However, if a child has found inspiration in the Saintly life of a particular person, they can choose to take that personís name for their confirmation name.




This is a formal occasion.  Please dress accordingly.  Please note that thongs, jeans, football jerseys/shirts and bare midriffs are inappropriate dress for this special occasion.


Piety Stall


Is only available at weekend Mass times.




An official photographer attends all Sacramental Masses.


Father Ron does not permit the taking of private photographs or video recording during the Sacramental Masses.



Please pass this request onto other members of your family.




$50 administration fee per candidate to cover the costs of photocopying, booklet, stationery, medals, flowers, certificates and printing. This fee will be able to be paid online when you enrol your child.



Seating Arrangements


Seating will be allocated for candidate, parents, siblings and sponsor at Confirmation only.  Additional seating for additional family and friends may be extremely limited and will depend on total candidate numbers at each ceremony.


Additional unallocated seating will be available for additional family and friends at First Holy Communion ceremonies.


Who do I Contact if I have any Queries


The Sacramental and Pastoral Coordinator at All Saints Parish Ė Ms Anne Frawley-Mangan should be your first point of contact with all queries at


Please DO NOT contact All Saints School as this is a parish based program and all queries will need to be directed to the Sacramental Team.


Frequently Asked Questions about Confirmation

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